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SEC Filings

BEIGENE, LTD. filed this Form 8-K on 06/08/2018
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preceding sentence, the attribution rules of Section 424(d) of the Code shall apply in determining the share ownership of a Participant, and all Shares which the Participant has a contractual right to purchase shall be treated as Shares owned by the Participant.  In addition, no Participant may be granted an Option which permits his or her rights to purchase Shares under the Plan, and any other employee share purchase plan of the Company and its Parents and Subsidiaries, to accrue at a rate which exceeds $25,000 of the fair market value of such Shares (determined on the option grant date or dates) for each calendar year in which the Option is outstanding at any time.  The purpose of the limitation in the preceding sentence is to comply with Section 423(b)(8) of the Code and shall be applied taking Options into account in the order in which they were granted.  Furthermore, unless approved by the Company’s shareholders in a general meeting, the total number of Ordinary Shares issued and to be issued upon the exercise of Options granted and to be granted under the Plan and any other plan of the Company to a Participant within any 12-month period shall not exceed 1% of the Ordinary Shares of the Company in issue at the date of any grant.


9.                                      Exercise of Option and Purchase of Shares.  Each employee who continues to be a Participant in the Plan on the Exercise Date shall be deemed to have exercised his or her Option on such date and shall acquire from the Company such number of whole Shares reserved for the purpose of the Plan as his or her accumulated payroll deductions on such date will purchase at the Option Price, subject to any other limitations contained in the Plan.  Any amount remaining in a Participant’s account at the end of an Offering solely by reason of the inability to purchase a fractional Share will be carried forward to the next Offering; any other balance remaining in a Participant’s account at the end of an Offering will be refunded to the Participant promptly. Any Option granted but not exercised by the end of an Offering will automatically lapse and be cancelled. The Administrator may take all actions necessary to alter the method of Option exercise



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