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SEC Filings

BEIGENE, LTD. filed this Form 10-Q on 08/09/2018
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Notification to Third Party 向第三方告知


After the Employee leaves the Company, the Employee shall, upon the Company’s request, notify the Company of the name and address of his/her new employer with whom he/she has an employment contract or service relationship. If the Company deems it necessary, the Company may notify the Employee’s new employer of all the obligations under this Agreement binding the Employee.




Liabilities for Breach of Non-Competition Obligation 违反竞业限制义务的责任


For avoidance of any doubt, breach includes, but is not limited to, working for any competing organization, doing business (directly or indirectly) in competing business, failure to report to the Company the Employee’s post-termination employment status, etc.



In the event that the Employee breaches his/her Non-Competition Obligation, he/she shall pay the Company liquidated damages in the amount of then annualized Base Salary of the Employee. In addition, the Company has the right to require the Employee to immediately stop violating his/her Non-Competition Obligation and reserves the right to seek further compensation for the losses caused by such breach.



In addition to paying the liquidated damages, the Employee shall provide a compensation to the Company, which includes: (1) all monetary benefits the Employee receives as a result of the breach; (2) losses caused to the Company’s operation and business; (3) the Company’s reasonable expenses in investigating the Employee’s breach, including, but not limited to, travel and transportation expenses, translation fees, attorneys fees, notarization fees, judicial certification fees, and expenses for retaining third parties to conduct relevant investigations, etc.; and (4) damages to the Company’s intangible properties such as business reputation.



The rights and remedies of the Company pursuant to this clause are cumulative, in addition to, and shall not be deemed to exclude, any other right or remedy which the Company may have pursuant to this Agreement or the fullest extent of PRC law.




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